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Pharrell Williams Dumps Marilyn Monroe For Real Women..? Hip-Hop Is That You??

Posted in music. by Jason Mekkam on April 24, 2014

Via: Nah Right

Pharrell (aka Skateboard P, aka Fo-real, aka The Arby’s Hat Bandit) just released a visual for the opening track off his most recent project Girl titled “Marilyn Monroe” and it’s sexy brilliant.

Black people music often get’s shitted on for it’s music videos’ overtly grotesque objectifications of women.. to which uh.. well.. honestly.. it very well should. Because even as a passionate lover of the darker sounds I’ll be the first one to admit it only takes one to spend 11.8 seconds on World Star Hip Hop to realize that some of this shit is 10 blocks beyond defense.

Perhaps that’s exactly what makes this video so insanely refreshing.. It’s refined, sophisticated, and sharp. No blurry lines (pun very much intended).

Mr. Williams is in the video but he’s certainly not it’s star; the woman are.. Natural. Assertive. Disciplined. Free. Creative. Silly. Beautiful. Intelligent. Fucking Bold.

All of them..

They own it.

Having grown up on hip-hop I can’t help but feeling like I’ve been bamboozled into believing that the pornographically generic images of club rats, booty poppers, gold diggers and pole climbers are what actual female humans look like.

So thank you Mr. Williams for reminding us that women can be more than sexual props in black music man videos.

Kudos to you sir.


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