Dollars Make Sense.


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This is Supwitchugirl. They sweat small web-footed swimming birds.

On a typically uneventful day last November, three young lads uploaded a short clip of themselves professing their adoration of short billed/feathered birds onto the Internets.

The world hasn’t been the since.

As Drizzy Drake would say, the trio “blew themselves up”. Indeed, truly on their martyr ish.

Within day’s of “I Love My Ducks” being posted on YouTube, the video had already been seen by thousands. Local radio station’s began playing the anthem on the hour, every hour. Several national media outlets began giving the group hella shine. Campus bars such as Taylor’s and the District started hosting performances. And then they’re were the T-Shirts, with the first batch of 4,000 “I Love My Ducks” shirts selling out in less than three hours of being on sell..

Come up!

A year later, Supwitchugirl is back, daring to make lightning strike twice with their new song “I Love My Ducks 2”. So last week I caught up with Eugene’s favorite man-band (consisting of the homies Michael Bishop, Brian McAndrew and Jamie Slade) to talk about the new video, bootleggers, and Joey Harrington.



Fly Guys.

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There are somethings being fresh can’t get you…

And that’s why we don’t fuck with those things.


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Vodpod videos no longer available.

With Mikey and Chuck doing all these solo projects as of late, my optimism of When Fish Ride Bicycles seeing the light of day sometime this decade is decreasing by the minute.

Nevertheless, I’m feeling the aesthetics of this video. And I like the Ice Cream truck it features. It makes me happy.


S.S featuring Latif By Mikey Rocks

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This is Lennox. He’s new/ladies just wanna take him home.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Represent that.

So Last Night On 14th & Ferry..

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.. stupid won.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The corner turned into a block party. Like 400 deep. Cops showed up. Beer cans were thrown. Trash cans were knocked over. Street signs were ripped out the ground. Some girl climbed on top of a dude’s shoulders. The crowd then proceeded to chant “show us your titties”. No titties were shown. Swat showed up. They started with the tear gas. Then they started bean bagging fools. Fights broke out. At one point homies were pissin on a street corner. Dicks all out for the world to see. Shameless. I went to Max’s. The line to get in wasn’t bad. I saw a girl a eat shit cuz she couldn’t walk in her heels. Did I mention over 50 cops were out in riot gear?

Yes Eugene.

Show em’ how we do.

Unlawful assemblies for the win.

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..And Party And Bullshit.

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