Dollars Make Sense.

Rollin Up.

Posted in music. by Jason Mekkam on February 15, 2011

That new new from Remy Rock. Look out for his new tape 16s and Snapbacks dropping soon.

Download: Rollin Up – Remy Rock


Beats Crew.

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Howlin’ Four You.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rock videos > Hip-Hop Videos. On average at least..

At The Club.

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A couple weeks back the homie Dako asked me to provide visual documentation for an event he n’ company were throwing at the East China Town Lounge in Portland. Normally I’m one to reject such requests. Ain’t nothin more dairy farm than club photography. Cheddar cheese for days. So much about it erks me. I mean yo, if you really feel that compelled to stamp obnoxious water marks all over yo ish to ensure no one jacks your suicide-red carpet photo of two borderline overweight women (in dresses two sizes too small) forcing poses more faker than Heidi Montag’s whole body well then..

Bless your heart.

But Dako’s the homie so I obliged. The event, hosted by Friends By Association, went down on Saturday. I can honestly say I had a great time. Down right splendid in fact. The place was packed. Music was ill. There were many attractive girls. And I was stupid faded, which in hindsight prally wasn’t my wisest decision considering I was lugging around $1000 visual producing machine.

But I got insurance on dat hoe.. And I hate caution.. And intoxication makes life more joyous. So phuck it I phigured.

Here are a couple choice snaps from the night..

Shouts to Friends By Association and everyone that came out.

Bartt Texts..

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The Break Up Song.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

This here visual for The Break Up Song brings together a lot of my faves:

1) Wale – Dude is nice. And he’s Nigerian. So like the Super Eagles in the World Cup I root unconditionally. My mother wouldn’t have it any other way. But seriously, after the genius that was A Mixtape About Nothing, D.C.’s own career has stalled as of sorts. After recent news of Wale Joining Rozay’s Maybach Music Group, heres hoping that roster switch will give him the jump start he needs.

2) 500 Days of Summer – Paying clear homage to the most creative/original/painfully on-pointbreak-up flick starring the criminally underrated Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives Wale a win in my book. Luvs it!

3) The Break Up Song (itself) – Being my second fave off of Wale’s More About Nothing (after The Breeze) and my second fave hip-hop break up song of 2010 (after Yeezy’s Blame Game) I’m happy to see this song get a second life with this visual.

On another note tho, you know what’s not my fave? Breaking up (actually). That shit sucks bowling balls..

The Break Up Song My Wale

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