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Posted in truth. by Jason Mekkam on January 20, 2014


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Okay. Let’s Try This Once More Yo.

Posted in truth. by Jason Mekkam on January 12, 2014

So my blog has been pretty much dead for the last year plus.

What have I been up to you might ask?

To be honest I’m not quite sure.. I mean working a lot. Like so many different jobs it was difficult to keep track at one point.

Making money. Whatever that means.

I don’t know.

Sometimes, even at my steady age of 25 I feel just a bit burnt out..

Which leaves me with two options: 1) I quit or 2) Keep going.

So I choose 2.

I’m starting my blog again because I’m just gravely disappointed with the content floating around on the internets. Too I’m really going to make an effort to steadily improve the Dollars Make Sense. content wise and what have you.

Please be advised that I’m going to be making all this stuff up as I go..

But then again aren’t we all?

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