Dollars Make Sense.

Roll Up.

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Roll Up by Remy Rock. Direction by Omari Jean-Pierre.


The Vacation From Ourselves.

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Last month I went to New York. It was cool. Then as soon as I got back from New York it was my birthday. That was cool. I’m 23 now. That means only 42 years until I’m eligible till Medicare. Which is the most cool. Imma be slanging Vicodin to high schoolers and shit. Just watch me. The following are snaps I took from both aforementioned occasions. I never put them up because I forgot I had a blog for a minute. Sorry mother. Mazel tov.

Fun fun.

Whoop Whoop, Dallas!!!!!

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105-95. Like that Bron Bron?

Beyonce Brought Andre 3000 Out To Party. Then My Mind Exploded.

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Party” featuring Andre 3000 by Beyonce (via illRoots)

Andre 3000 is the best rapper living. So may the good Lord up in the skies bless Beyonce’s L’Oreal treated head for somehow convincing Three Stacks to once again shake the cobwebs off his mic. “Party”, a new leak from Mrs. Hova’s upcoming album 4, is a Kanye/Consequence creation that sees it’s 808s, electric keys and overall vibe influenced heavy by New Jack Swing R&B circa 1993 – which is dope to me. Cuz I loved 1993.

Kindergarten was my shit.

Obvi though, what makes “Party” noteworthy is Andre’s appearance. It’s been five years since he’s released an official project, leaving sporadic (and sometimes ultra-random) features as his new material’s sole outlet. But like politicians capable of remaining fully dressed while using social media, even these guest spots are becoming evermore far and few between.

With Andre Benjamin being one of my favorites ever and suffering from severe deprivation of that new new, I can’t help but get white-children-Christmas-morning happy by any sign that the man is still alive musically. Even if it is just a verse. It don’t matter. I’ve become a meek middle-aged married man whose wife hasn’t touched him in ages. Let me just cop a quick feel one time and I swear I’ll die happy.

At no slight to Beyonce, Consequnce or Yeezy, “Party” is great because Andre 3000 is great – he steals the show. His voice on the track compliments the song’s production so efficiently that differentiating between the two could prove too daunting a task for the untrained ear. From a technical perspective, it’s nutty how he’s still so effortlessly able to manipulate syllables into succumbing to his bar’s every bidding: “Always somebody’s song/ I’m the wrong/ Off the rip, cause of him/ all of them/ will remem/ ber the min/ uet that they fell in love with rap/ black like having your cousin back/ blue like when the rent is due/ cream like when I’m loving you.”

But here, as with most of the work by OutKast’s more eccentric half, his greatest genius lies in his lyricism. It’s not that he’s just nice with the wordplay/storytelling; it’s that he rhymes with incredible feeling. He doesn’t waste time on lines that exist solely to ooh and awe – everything he spits has purpose. This gives his raps an unparalleled natural quality. His part on “Party” feels more like he’s talking more than rapping – like he’s simply holding up his end of a very candid, honest conversation.

Typically I try to keep my Stanning to a minimum, but in this case I throw caution to the wind. Hearing new Three Stacks has got my morning made. I can’t front. I really wish dude was still interested in rapping. My only beef is that I’m now reminded once again how seldom the man’s name comes up in “who is rap’s best living” debates. It’s like Jay-Z and Eminem have both corners on lock in most folk’s mind – like Andre 3000 is rap’s Kevin Durant trapped in a Kobe-LeBron world. This is wack to me. But who knows, maybe one day perceptions might change. Maybe all he needs is a vicious marketing campaign.

I’m thinking a dozen puppet commercials should do the trick.

Is Tropical.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Boys will be boys.