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Marty SoFly & The Difficulties Of Time Traveling While Black.

Posted in film. by Jason Mekkam on March 7, 2014

I watched Back To The Future last night.

A very large part of me forgot how much I love the movie. Perhaps it’s because the last time I watched it popped collars were still cool..

There we’re so many interesting in/about film that I missed when I was younger.. like how much effort went into maintaining a level of detail that provided for a richer level of continuity – such as the news report about Libyan Nationals and the over passionate old lady and her flyer.

But two things above all struck me:

1) Marty McFly might very well be looked over as the coolest white guy within the last 50 years of film.

Dead ass.

I mean he invents slang (note his frequent use of the word ‘heavy’), rocks dope Nikes that to this day have yet to drop and influences Chuck Berry’s sound.

I mean yo for God’s sakes his last name is McFly. Like if my momma named me McFly ain’t nobody on this earth would ever be able to tell me nothing.

Straight up.

“Sike… I ain’t doing the dishes ma.. McFly don’t play dat.”

2) I never really thought about this before but like growing up, it would have been next to impossible to hang out with white friends if they all drove like DeLorean time machines.

Cuz yo they’d be like “Eh yo, WULU a bunch of us are going to 1776 to peep the fireworks after the Declaration of Independence was signed. You trying roll?”

Then I’d be like “Ya for surrr…. oooooh… wait.. 1776.. shit.. uuhhhh.. slavery.. yo I can’t yo.”

Then they’d be like “Yikes.. Oh ya… I’m sorry man.. I forgot.. Well we might hit up some 1920 speakeasies after. You want us to swoop by and..”

“Na yo Jim Crow.”

“Oh well we..”

“You know what.. honestly anytime before 1984 really just isn’t a good time for me.”

American History >

Like I’m laughing on the outside as I write this but on the inside..