Dollars Make Sense.

A Couple Pennies, 8/6 – 8/12

Posted in reads. by Jason Mekkam on September 12, 2015


“I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighborhood after dark.” – Dick Gregory

Writes On Raps

When Black Artists Declare Their Autonomy by Dan Bastenmehr

The Day Kanye West Killed Gangsta Rap by Noah Callahan-Bever

First-Hand Accounts Of The Night Eazy-E And Ice Cube Ended Their Feud By Paul Meara

Mikkey Halsted: Kanye Almost Signed To Cash Money, Birdman Threatened To Kill Me by Lucas Garrison

I’m Not Writing About Slim Jesus’ “Drill Time” Video by Gotty

Melle Mel And Kool Moe Dee On Macklemore And Today’s Hip-Hop by Dan Rys

Everybody Is Going Downtown, To The Capitalist Gangbang by Byron Crawford

With Dance You Can Save The Community: The Enduring Inner City Utopia Of Breakin’ by Stephen M. Deusner

How Rap Got Weird by Ben Beaumont-Thomas

Rap’s Most Incomprehensibly Stupid Lyrics by Travis Tack

Profiles N’ Interviews

Geto Boy: An Interview With Bushwick Bill by Shawna Kenney

Too Funky For Gangsta Rap Meet The Producer Who Left N.W.A Weeks Before ‘Straight Outta Compton’ by Jeremiah Alexis


Black Dollar – Rick Ross by Jayson Greene

Politics As Usual

Trump Seriously: On The Trail With The GOP’s Tough Guy by Paul Solotaroff

Bernie Sanders Stunned By His Rapid Rise In The Polls by Nick Gass

General Fuckery

I Fuck Fat People by Eloise LeBel

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