Dollars Make Sense.

Rap Musics Sweats Donald Trump Bruh.

Posted in smh. by Jason Mekkam on August 25, 2015

This explains so much. I’ve been scratching my head wondering why the #BlackLivesMatter Movement has yet to Kanye a Donald Trump event. Clearly hip-hop (thus black people by extension obvi) is in beds with the man no hot comb can handle.

I found the above clip while guiltily skimming the Ennis Del Mar of my very existence, WorldStarHipHop – oh how I wish I knew how to quit you. I knew about ‘Country Grammar’ and ‘Up Like Trump’, but I can’t believe that Trump-name-drops date back 25 years and are so mindbogglingly numerous. Watching the video is like taking cruise through the entire history of lake rap. It’s reassuring to know that while the characters, beats and flows have changed over time, the unwavering reverence of obnoxious old white men wealth remains a constant.

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