Dollars Make Sense.

A Couple Pennies, 8/16 – 8/22

Posted in reads. by Jason Mekkam on August 23, 2015


“I was never more hated than when I tried to be honest. Or when, even as just now I’ve tried to articulate exactly what I felt to be the truth. No one was satisfied.”  – Ralph Ellison

Writings On Rappings

Here’s What’s Missing From Straight Outta Compton: Me And The Other Women Dr. Dre Beat Up by Dee Barnes

Dr. Dre Apologizes to the ‘Women I’ve Hurt’ by Joe Carselli

How Widespread Is Ghostwriting In Music And How OK With It Should You Be by Peter Robinson

A Rough Guide To Fictional Rappers In TV And Film by Jonny Coleman

Why LL Cool J’s Famous Album Almost Never Happened by Kathrine LaGrave

The Sociopath’s Answer To Macklemore: Introducing The Haughty Ignorance—And Heinous Michelle Obama Rhymes—Of Chart-Topping White Guy Lil Dicky by Matthew Pulver

How East Coast And West Coat Hip-Hop Are Both Winning by Steven Zietchik

Why 2015 Is The Year Of Hip-Hop by Patrick Ryan


These Are The Faces The Of The East Side Detroit Rap by Liz Raiss & Matt Sukkar

Mac Miller Finds The Way by Rembert Browne


Trap-A-Velli Tre – 2 Chainz by Sheldon Pierce

Politics As Usual

G.O.P. Candidates Follow Trump To The Bottom On Immigration by The New York Time’s Editorial Board

Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny by Matt Taibbi

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