Dollars Make Sense.

Donald Trump Is An Asshat.

Posted in smh. by Jason Mekkam on August 20, 2015


Donald John Trump says enough terrible things in day to eviscerate the career of a lesser politician for two lifetimes. Unable to stay content in own crazy for too long, he’s outdone himself this week with a self-appointed crusade against birthright citizenship – a matter that by all accounts was settled by the ratification of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution in 1868 and resettled by the Supreme Court’s United States v. Kim Wong Ark decision in 1898.

If you’re born in America you American.

Simple right?

‘Nah’ says Trump.

Illegal immigration is what is ruining America. Not failing schools. Not institutional racism. Not income inequality. Not gender discrimination. Not the criminalization of poverty. Not the personification of corporations. Not increasing obesity. But Pablo hoping a fence to kick it. Yeah he’s the problem.

This attack on birthright citizenship is the worst thing Trump has ever done because instead regurgitating the most crass of current conservative talking points at maximum volume in his signature, caricature style, he’s dusting off relic racist rhetoric and attempting to pass it off as political innovation.  Like the Slave Codes, Chinese Exclusion Acts, and Immigration Acts of the first quarter of the 20th century, challenging birthright citizenship serves no greater purpose than for those in power to define what a “real American” at the detriment of everybody else. Such desries fall perfectly in line with old white men longing for the days humans of darker hues weren’t so bold in their assertions of self dignity and demands for equal respect.

Worse yet is that the the birthright non-debate at it’s core wishes to criminalize birth, being that children have no control over where they are born, talk less of if their births are coincide with made up rules and regulations established before their existence. Too we are a nation of immigrations and descendants of immigrants or decedents people who were kindnapped and violently forced to work for nothing by those immigrants. If one were to follow this ideology to its extreme wouldn’t that mean that none of us actually have a right to be here?

All this is kind of hard to wrap one’s head around, so allow me to make it easier. The 14th Amendment was a Reconstruction Amendment added in response to the Civil War the fuckedupness of slavery. Donald Trump wants to undo what was done in response to hate. He’s crossed the line this time from public headache to actual menace to society and he’s starting to have a real influence on how we talk about immigration.

This madness must be stopped.

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