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House Of Balloons.

Posted in music. by Jason Mekkam on March 26, 2011

The Canadian singer or group or exterrestrial being or divine deity The Weeknd released their debut EP House Of Balloons this weekend and it’s doper than the crust on Tyrone Biggum’s lips. Now my ambiguous introduction of this act from north of the border is no slight. Very little info regarding The Weeknd exists. So little, in fact, its unknown as to whether its even a group or just some uber talented bloke. Other than that they fuck wit Drizzy and their apart of the XO music collective, neither I nor the internets could tell you much else.

Almost as hard to identify as The Weekend itself is its music. Their sound extracts elements of of old fashioned R&B crooning and lays it over way spacey electric synths sprinkled with a Euro indie cadence. It’s out there in all the right ways. If Frank Ocean and Lykke Li in a moment of hot, drunken, passionate lust copulated, House Of Balloons would be their bastard love child.

And that’s a compliment. I think..

Standout tracks are “What You Need” and “The Morning”. Click below to download the group’s tape (via The Fader).

Download: House of Balloons – The Weekend

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