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Best In Beats: 7 Things About Rap In 2010 That Need To Piss Off.

Posted in reviews. by Jason Mekkam on January 20, 2011

New year. New beginnings.


Gyms across the nation have already seen their average attendance drop rapidly as folk trade in triceps dips for chips n’ dip and that bench press for the leg rest.

New year’s resolutions for the loss.

While every Jan. 1 means nothing to me other than being one year closer to receiving medicare (yo btw if you looking for the hook up on vicodin/percocet in 2053 get at me), that doesn’t I’m content with status quo. On the contrary, I get annoyed easy. So here’s a look at 7 things in 2010 that made a brotha’s blood boil.

seven. Kat Stacks

So morally reprehensible, this woman’s not even worth the effort required for me to finish this sente

six. Kanye’s Rosewood Movement

“You niggas wear suits cuz you can’t dress no mo” (c) Kanye West

Black suits are cute, but Yeezy’s audacious avidity to turn his whole click into Reservoir Dog rejects is overdose.

Kanye hypebeasts (a lot) but seldom gets called out. It’s like everyone’s too terrified to tell the emperor his balls are showin or something..

Matter fact, while we chuckin duces at Yeezy’s fashion crazy, I wouldn’t mind seeing much of the media constructed Kanye crazy concocted to hype My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Don’t get it twisted tho; I love me some spontaneous spaz outs. Yo I spaz all the time (which reminds me: yo fuck the goverment for making them get rid of the old Four Loko. Ya’ll ain’t foolin me, with this new new. Like Jay say, she want’s that old thing back). However, when it’s apparent that the Jack Torrance flip is being switched for the sole purpose of publicity, the ploy not only insults the fan’s intelligence but also diminish the strength of your product by implying such fuckery is necessary to move units.

For the new year, perhaps Yeezy and others rappers’s resolutions should be to focus on the music and flush that excess nonsense (the rants/tweets/ballerinas) the drain.

Let My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy stand on it’s ones and twos.

No media make out sessions with George W. Bush required.

five. Hating On Soulja Boy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I care not a micro bit for the Soulja’s music, let me be clear. It sucks. But on the real, how could you not admire the dude’s hustle. Crank Dat dropped in 2007. It’s 2011 and he’s still here. In the Snookie short attention-span that today’s rap culture has cultivated, having such longevity is a testament in it of itself.

I’m not telling you to get down and clean the highness’s royal penis. I’m just saying after millions of records ringtones sold, spawning thousands of biters galore, and even a spot on the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings, enough is enough with some of the more over the top hate.

Yes his skills as a lyricist are abysmal and his music pushes less creative boundaries musically than a speech by Mitt Rommney on supporting the regulation of greenhouse measures through voluntary measures. But to this, I say “and..”

Even the most brilliant idea too often repeated becomes trite, so why the steadfast hatred remains directed towards our young rapper in arms is beyond me. Everyone was well aware what they were subjecting their ears to the first moment they cranked Supermaned that hoe. But ya’ll yooooooooooooooooued anyways.

All I’m saying is that perhaps it’s time we direct scorn at a rapper whose crimes all things rhythmic are far more egregious; like this pretty bitch.

four. Incarcerated Rappers.

A partial roll call of artist who spent at least a portion of 2010 dacning with the legal system and/or locked up under the jail:

Lil Wayne. T.I. Gucci Mane. Lil Booise. Ja Rule. DMX. Waka Flocka Flame. Mystical. Charles Hamilton.

This. shit. is. fucking. ridiculous. Simply yet another reminder that success/wealth don’t cure stupid. Anyway’s this is one trend in 2010 that I’d love to see come to an end with the quickness. Because I’m greedy. And prefer my favorite musicians to be in the booth rather behind bars.

Except for you Flocka.

Your ass can stay where you be..

three. Fans/Artist Having To Beg Labels For Music.

What do you get when you mix open letter from Nas and Shyne demanding that labels quit pharaohing and let they music go along with Lupe Fiasco fans petitioning to let they music go?

Answer: A very pissed off WULU.

I know record sales are down, but if the aim of all this fuckery is to build hype, dudes are going about it the wrong way. Because when people get angry with things, people find a way to avoid using those things all together. And as Young Guru so eloquently spoke, record labels are becoming less relevant than VCR rewinders ever minute. So unless they trying to speed that up to every second, perhaps it’d be best if they just fell back..

Or not. They could just stay the course and keep doin’ what the doin’ regardless..

Shucks, after all it’s worked for the Republican Party.

two. Rick Ross Topless.


*Biggie Voice*

Rozay don’t be mad, Victoria Secrets is hiring.

Which is dope for you bro bro cuz you could for sure use that discount. On that 34DD come up..

P.S. Did you know that the dude who created Victoria Secret sold the company for $4 Million but offed himself after the company banked $500 million two years later? Justin Timberlake did.

one. This. Bull. Shit.

With the rap community (especially the online rap community) being at times very devisve, it was nice to see everyone come together to give a giant Cee-Lo sized middle finger to the feds for shutting down OnSmash, Rap Godfathers & DaJaz1. More than anything the manner in which it all went down (and how quickly domains could be seized) was alarming.

Granted the legals involved, there still is a wrong way and a right way to go about things, and this was for sure the wrong way. Like Malcolm X say, “just because you’ve silenced a man doesn’t mean you’ve converted him” The internets is here. Kids are using it. Instead of shaking a cane and patching a pre-Katrina levee with Bazooka bumble gum, figure out a real solution.

Next time preferably one that doesn’t involve shutting down sites that are trying to promote the same artists and labels such tactics claim to defend.

Just a thought..

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  1. Rap Round Table, Week Ending 1/21/2011 said, on January 21, 2011 at 3:18 pm

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  2. wordstar hip hop said, on March 30, 2012 at 2:17 am

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    expose a new niche of hip-hop where the typical bubblegum, dumbed down rap has no bearing.

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