Dollars Make Sense.

Six Foot. Seven Foot.

Posted in music. by Jason Mekkam on December 15, 2010

I suffer from insomnia. No tall tale. It’s been worse than normal as of late – 7am sleeptime/3pm waketime. Silly right? But it’s not all no buneo. Because I have the internets (what those who suffered from chronic sleepless nights did before World Star Hip-Hop I know not). Tonight the gods of the world web were gracious enough to bestow upon me 6’7′ (via Twitter where Cory Gunz was a trending topic, which confused me, which led me to investigate, which led me to Nah Right).

Everyone’s favorite Martian slaughters newborn puppies on this track. Indiscriminately ruthless. But the real winner here is Bangladesh’s criminally hypnotic – I mean bust yo shit open – beat. For love of Poseidon, if I could wish for anything right now it’d be an entire Weezy spittin/Bangladesh produced album. Well that and more Trazedone..

“Black and white diamonds – fuck segregation”

Download: Lil Wayne – 6’7′ (Featuring Cory Gunz)


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