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You Get No Beats: Man On The Moon II – The Legend Of Mr. Rager.

Posted in reviews. by Jason Mekkam on November 12, 2010

Full disclosure: The last time I wrote about Kid Cudi, as some of you may remember, I was a wee-bit critical of Mr. Rager. Ok I fib. I went in on dude. It happens. But that was a ways while back. Ancient Mesopotamian history if you will. My animosity towards Cudder following that horridly wack performance has long since subsided. All clean slates everything over here.

So with this we dive belly first into another episode of You Get No Beats., with the subject of today’s literary fuckery being none other than Cudi’s latest album Man On The Moon II – The Legend of Mr. Rager. For those just joining us, here’s a quick breakdown of how we do: basically I go through the album song by song, pick out a line that tickles my fancy, and talk shit.

Sexy no?

Afterwards I’ll issue a verdict of Beats or No Beats:

Beats = Album is dope like winning a free order of medium sized fries playing Monopoly at McDonalds.


No Beats = Album is wack like the chick behind the Panda Express counter that’s always hella stingy with the orange chicken. I mean damn yo it ain’t like I’m taking food out her kid’s mouf. For the life of me, I can’t consistently refuses to hook it up..

Anyways now that everyone knows the rules, lesssgo..

1. Cudi Vs. The World f. Cee-Lo (prod. Emile)

Mr. Rager: “Take a minute to roll up for the wondrous clusterfuck of darkness and evil”

WULU Says: HE SAID CLUSTERFUCK!!! Hahahhahahahahaah laugh out loud! Oh the unfortunate word choice. You can’t hit me on that emo darkness/evil/Lord Voldemort tip and use one of the funniest made-up cuss words in the English.

Kinda like throwing a women’s rights seminar at the biggest strip club in town, your message is being undermined by a clusterfuck of titties.

2. REVOFEV (prod. Plain Pat)

Mr. Rager: “Wake up, things might get rough/No need to stress, keeps you down too much”

WULU Says: For a second, after hearing Mr. Rager utter this gem, I myself almost raged. I mean what kinda simple ass Bobby McFerrin type nonsense is this? I have rent due, $12.87 cents in the piggy banks, and my landlord won’t accept these fresh pair of deadstock jordan’s as payment because his lil ass only wears a size 8. So fuck away with all that hakuna matata verbal sewage your spewing Cudi.

But I chilled out a minute later when..

Mr. Rager said: “I’m so higher, so higher and I like it, hey”

Ohhhhhhhh! It all makes sense. Dude’s high..

3. Don’t Play This Song f. Mary J Blige (prod. Emile)

Mr. Rager says: “The blogs tell it, Cudi’s lame/ wearing a kilt, he must be gay/ let’s keep it trill fuck being discrete/ but some girls tweet how they miss my meat/ ya, Cudders, HBO, that Vitamin Water that’s money to blow cause your money for blow don’t take no shit you can blame my Ma”

WULU says: Damn homie. Okay. First let’s start with this –

C’MONNN SON. Let’s be serial for a second fam. You look sillier than three tits on a donkey. I hate it when “creatives” adorn themselves in wackness and then get they panties all in a bunch when the reaction is negative. Like for real, what did you think was gonna happen Cudi? Cats would see you and be like “damn son that kilt is phiiiire”?


Secondly, “some girls tweet how they miss your meet” Shout out to Amanda Bynes perhaps?

Lastly, “money to blow/money for blow” – that’s clever. And a big FU to HBO and Vitamin Water for plugging him so nicely. I love watching people bite the hands that feed them. Fuck hands. I think this line would have been way more bad ass if he didn’t already come out about his drugs use. But still Mr. Rager, I see you..

4. We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up) (prod. Emile)

Mr. Rager Says: “It’s time to make your mind up. Aite.”

WULU Says: Filler.. Moving on..

5. Marijuana (prod. Dot Da Genius)

Mr. Rager says: “Pretty green bud/ All in my blood/ Ohh, I need it/ We can take off — yeah/ Ohh, marijuana — yeah”

WULU says: This is the most depressing song about weed you’ll ever hear in life. Guaranteed or your money back.

Call me crazy but something tells me getting high with Wiz Khalifa and getting high with Kid Cudi would be two drastically different experiences..

6. Mojo So Dope (prod. Emile)

Mr Rager Says: “Help me keep my mind off the clouds for reality/ these muthaf-ckers can’t fathom the Wizardry”

WULU Says: Wizardry..? More Lord Voldemort talk.. Moving on..

7. Ashin’ Kusher (prod. Chuck English)

Mr. Rager Says: “I know you lovin how I do it when I switch up the lizzanes/ Skinny nigga Diggy in ya city getting chizzange/ Like I’m Carmelo, meet me in the gizzame/ Yammin on you sucka niggas, yammin on these HOES”

Analogy time! – Kid Cudi is to lyricism as the bubonic plague is to __________ ?

If you guessed 14th Century Europe give yourself a pat on the back and two gold stars.

Just atrocious.

On a more positive note, shout out to Chuck Inglish for the production here on this track. Dude never disappoints. And after learning industry rule #4080 the hard way, I’m glad to hear these dudes are finally out of recording purgatory.

8. Erase Me f. Kanye West (prod. Jim Jonsin)

Yeezy Says: “But all good things gotta come to an end-a/ She let it go to her head, no not my aria/ The height of her shopping was writers blocking me/ I couldn’t get my shit out anyway, I hope you die Aria”

WULU Says: Has anyone else beside me noticed the influx of potty jokes that have infiltrated many a rap lyrics as of late? With Lil Wayne being prime offender numero uno. Shit is not cute (pun intended?). Dude’s really need to quit.

Also I was wondering why Kanye’s verse seemed kinda flat to me until I heard that last bar. Pretty witty. My guess is Yeezy came up with the “can’t shit out/die Aria” line, fell in love with it and thus was determined to use it/make it fit in a song by any means necessary even if that meant creating a whole rap around it..

Some dudes just really can’t let shit go..

9. Wild’n Cuz I’m Young (prod. Plain Pat)

Mr. Rager Says: “Liquor all night, love it!”

WULU Says: Samesies!

10. The Mood (prod. Emile)

Mr. Rager Says: “Hey, there’s a hunger in the night/ The moonlight kissing the nips on the model frame/ I kissed her inner thigh/ Closed my eyes, she began to make me fit/ She like to go the mile, all the while/ I can see her tear bit/ I forgot her name”

WULU Says: I had to listen to this track before twice before I realized this entire song is just Cudi giving a play-by-play of some bad foreign model chick he smashed. Kudos to you sir.

I thought this line was pretty slick. About how she had to make him fit and her tearing up and what not. Again, pretty sly way of telling the world you have a big willy. See me personally, I drunkly tell girls I have a very small penis. I do this for two reasons: 1) It builds curiosity, because no one in their right mind would just say that and 2) It subconsciously lowers expectations so when oh girl finally unwraps the package shit seems twice as big.

Fellas I encourage y’all to go out and try it..

39 percent of the time, it works every time.

11. MANIAC f. Cage & St. Vincent (prod. Anthony Killhoffer)

Mr. Rager Says: “I love the dark maybe we can make it darker give me a marker”

WULU Says: Oh Snaps!! I’ve figured it out. Yo people got Kid Cudi all wrong thinking he’s depressed, or emo, or some sorta sad, lonely, American-Apparel clad hipster. All false. In reality, he’s just..


Proof is in the pudding. “I love the dark”/”give me a marker to make it darker” is an obvious reference to the Dark Mark – the symbol of Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. According to J.K. Rowling’s novels, the Dark Mark is branded upon Voldemort’s closest followers. This whole album is just a sneaky way of Cudi showing his support for Team He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Three Harry P. references and you’re outed Mr. Rager..

Wow, I must say I’m impressed Cudi. You really had me going with that “Woe is me I’m sad because I’m rich/famous/hoes on my dick bit.”

Hehe, this realization simply kills me. No Avada Kedavra.

12. Mr. Rager (prod. Emile)

Mr. Rager Says: Absolutely nothing. Seriously. Just 4.54 minutes of catchy babbling balderdash set to a beat.

13. These Worries f. Mary J. Blige (prod. Emile)

MJB Says: “I see the devil linger on/ Yeah, I don’t wanna win”

WULU Says: Am I the only one that was caught off guard by Mary being featured on this album twice?

14. The End f. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper & Nicole Wray (prod. Blended Babies)

GLC Says: “My brother told me a long time ago/Don’t focus where you been, focus where you trying to go.”

WULU Says: GLC’s brother is a wise dude. This is my favorite song on the album by a mile. I don’t know Nicole Wray is, but her voice makes me wanna do crazy things..

15. All Along (prod. Emile)

Mr. Rager Says: “When the days, change, so does my attitude/ I’m messy at home, I eat a lot of junk food”

WULU Says: Wow. You know Cudi, if you’re not even gonna try on this one, neither am I..

16. GHOST! (prod. Emile)

Mr. Rager Says: “You should tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend”

WULU Says: Mistake. Apparently dude have never played telephone in grade school. Otherwise he’d very well know how quickly “I like lemonade on hot days” can turn into “I pee sitting down”

17. Trapped In My Mind (prod. Dot Da Genius)

Mr. Rager: “You see I’m trapped in my mind/ And I’m going trippy/ Oh I don’t think I’ll ever go”

WULU Asks: Would you rather be trapped in Kid Cudi’s mind or trapped in the closet with R. Kelly? Choose carefully..

Verdict: Next time you hear someone call Kid Cudi a rapper, for the children’s sake give them a swift tap in the nuts. Hell if the call him a singer give him a double shot. Gedi Debakaeri of Potholes In My Blog said it best: “He’s a jack of all trades and a master of none.” On principal I should probably give this album no beats major. But I won’t. Because of the context. Cudi completely detours from the path set by any one genre. Just by listening to this you can tell he doesn’t give a fuck. Yes this album is dark. But so probably was the place Cudi was at when he was making this album. I think it’s honest. His lyrics are wack and he talks more than he sings, but he’s very effective at what he does. So I’m giving the album beats.

Good job Cudi. You deserve two boxes of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

You earned it.


6 Responses

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  1. Ryan said, on November 12, 2010 at 11:38 am

    Yeah the album is cool. But i can’t say i’m mesmerized by this one like the first. I find myself asking if cudi dropped this as his debut would he have the impact he has now?? Answer,no. Alot of the singing falls short of what you know he can do and alot of the raps are muffled and mumbled. I still bump it just a different album from where he came from, i guess thats the point

  2. Rap Round Table, Week Ending 11/12/2010 said, on November 12, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    […] KiD CuDi – Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager by WULU […]

  3. King Kong said, on November 14, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    I eat a lot of junk food from time to time, and my room does get messy, I think i know a thing or two about dreams and nightmares…… I believe I could try this rap thing out too Cudi.

    Definitely no fucking beats. How is chip friends with this nigga?

  4. King Kong said, on November 14, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    That pic is priceless, he and OJ “da” juice man are peas in a pod.

  5. Deez said, on December 1, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Cudi sucks. All he’s good for these days is hooks. might as well start calling him Akon the II

  6. Thomas said, on January 7, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    honestly just from your “witty” and “humorous” (because i know you try bro) criticisms of his work, i can tell that you take his words too literally in a way that almost seems intentional. The implications that he makes clearly over your head.. But that’s super obvious from the way you totally dismissed his song Mr. Rager as “catchy babbling balderdash set to a beat”.. I love average people who fancy themselves intellectuals. Trust that his mind is far beyond yours, and that’s evident in how he’s not intent on proving his intelligence as you are. And the fact that you analyze the complexities of his lyricism (terribly might I add) just goes to reveal that you aren’t aware that he was never purposed to be a rapper; hes an artist bruh. No one really cares that you’re personally not a fan.

    Peace and Love by the way, i had a few laughs.

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