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These Racists Make Great Music.

Posted in music. by Jason Mekkam on October 12, 2010

Das Racist reminds me of The Daily Show. No other program on the television wave delivers a more brilliant political commentary than that offered by Jon Stewart & Co. So it always irks me when Jon Stewart downplays/diminishes his show’s influence on the media, politics and popular opinion by calming what he does is just comedy. Not only is such a claim mad disingenuous, too it creates a logical fallacy whereby comedy and cold truth reside in mutually exclusive realms. The beauty of satire, when done right, is it’s ability to offer a more honest and critical narrative than that of the very subject it parodies. Just because it’s funny doesn’t mean it should be dismissed.

This brings me to Das Racist. I’ve gotten nothing but suspect stares from the few people I’ve introduced the Brooklyn trio’s music to. Most people don’t know what to make of the group. Their style is a bit on the unorthodox side – Lil Wayne meets the Beastie Boys if you will. And with the repetitive and simplistic Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell being their biggest hit to date, many have cast the group off as joke rappers not warranting the attention reserved for more atypical MCs. While I agree wholeheartedly that the vast majority of their raps are funnier than a fat man with three nipples, that shouldn’t however be a knock against the group’s genius. As Ian Cohen writes in his review of Das Racist’s latest mixtape Sit Down, Man, “They kid because they are deeply and madly in love with hip-hop, and Sit Down, Man is an infinitely entertaining result of extreme reverence toward rap and irreverence toward everything else, themselves included.”

Personally, I fucks with Das Racist. Not because of their clever lines, irreverent wit, nonchalant flow, or their own hilarious brand of self-awareness, but because you can’t listen to their music and not get a sense that these guys are completely comfortable with who they are. But more importantly their honest about who they are. When it comes to hip-hop music, honesty and creativity are two traits that should be reverenced before all. And these dudes have it in spades.

The group recently dropped a new mixtape and I co-sign it with the upmost enthusiasm. Below is my favorite track off of it called rapping 2 u. Check it:

“Hello young coco butter, who is you? White people love me like they love Subarus”

It’s fun, no?

So download the tape. Again, it’s really good. Like Meagan. Pinky promise.

Download: Sit Down, Man – Das Racist


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  1. Alle Powers said, on November 2, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    Jason, your blog is wonderful. Even when I have no idea what your talking about i.e. Das racist it is still hilarious to read about. And your point on satire basically reiterates my thesis on a paper I wrote last term on Swift and Austen. I know this is a irrelevant comment that sounds really corny but thanks for making my day a lil brighter.

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