Dollars Make Sense.

Tequila. Memory Loss. And Name Tags.

Posted in truth. by Jason Mekkam on October 10, 2010

Yo you know what’s really silly when you really think about it? Going out and trying to meet new people when you’re faded. Sure alcohol does a great job of relieving social inhibitions, making it way more comfy interacting/engaging the randoms we sardine-can pack ourselves into dilapidated campus houses and sports bars with. But a downside to being inebriated while kicking it is the damage those seven shots of Tequila inflict upon your memory drive. Names, conversations, and entire events are erased by the cursed phenomena known as the blackout.

As a result, we stay reintroducing ourselves to people we have already been introduced to for two reasons: 1) We actually don’t remember said person or 2) Were afraid said person doesn’t remember us so we take the safe route and pretend we don’t remember them either cuz were all self-conscience and feeling like your not even worthy enough to to be recollected by another sucks.

This current system of operatives and such is terribly inefficient. So I propose a solution: EVERYBODY SHOULD START WEARING NAME TAGS WHEN THEY GO OUT!

Think about it: all the faded mind want’s to do is play with it’s kin and being on a first name basis with another creates a level of intimacy perfect for building such a bond. Too not having to be bothered with having to ask ourselves such silly questions like “What’s her name again?” allows for us to concentrate on more pressing inquires, such as “What’s the number to the emergency room?”, “Does the drunk tank get Wi-Fi?” and “Where are my pants?”

Dig it?

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