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Posted in introducing.. by Jason Mekkam on September 29, 2010

This is Supwitchugirl. They sweat small web-footed swimming birds.

On a typically uneventful day last November, three young lads uploaded a short clip of themselves professing their adoration of short billed/feathered birds onto the Internets.

The world hasn’t been the since.

As Drizzy Drake would say, the trio “blew themselves up”. Indeed, truly on their martyr ish.

Within day’s of “I Love My Ducks” being posted on YouTube, the video had already been seen by thousands. Local radio station’s began playing the anthem on the hour, every hour. Several national media outlets began giving the group hella shine. Campus bars such as Taylor’s and the District started hosting performances. And then they’re were the T-Shirts, with the first batch of 4,000 “I Love My Ducks” shirts selling out in less than three hours of being on sell..

Come up!

A year later, Supwitchugirl is back, daring to make lightning strike twice with their new song “I Love My Ducks 2”. So last week I caught up with Eugene’s favorite man-band (consisting of the homies Michael Bishop, Brian McAndrew and Jamie Slade) to talk about the new video, bootleggers, and Joey Harrington.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Interview by WULU (obvi).

WULU: Outta sheer curiosity, Supwitchugirl groupies – do they exist?

Jamie: (Laughs) Uh, no. I mean I guess we get attention because of the videos or whatever, but na they don’t exist… Well there’s a lot of 4th and 5th graders.

Brian: Ya like online there’s like a lot of elementary and middle schools girls.

Jamie: Oh so ya.

Michael: There’s one girl on Facebook that changed her name to Kate “SWUG” Cool and she like totally stalked Brian.

Brian: Obsessed. But I mean but like no one our age.

Jamie: But a lot of 6th grade groupies.

Michael: Ya it’s either older women or little girls.

WULU: (Laughs). So a year after “I Love My Ducks” dropped, do y’all still get complete randoms running up to in the street screaming “I LOVE MY DUCKS!”

Jamie: Ya.

Brian: Wait you do?

Jamie: Oh ya.

Michael: I think it’s cuz Jamie is more recognizable.

Brian: Ya Jamie is way more recognizable.

Michael: Were just like normal.

Jamie: (Laughs).

Brian: Ya maybe if the three of us were together or something..

WULU: Word. So you guys are planning to drop “I Love My Ducks 2” shortly. After the success of the first video, what mindset did you carry going into this new project? Did you guys feel a lot of pressure?

Brian: Yeah it’s been a lot harder to do this one. Last one we didn’t think about it or plan it at all. We put the song together in like a day. We weren’t picky about it and we didn’t imagine a lot of people would be listening to it. But this time around we definitely took more time.

Michael: Yeah we went through a lot of different ideas and threw out a lot of different ideas.

Jamie: It really just dealing with expectations. You now after so much positive feedback from the first one we want to make it just as good you know. We don’t wanna put out something bad. And ya it’s kinda difficult but were really pumped about this song.

Michael: But ya, at the same time it’s hard to recreate that.

WULU: Speaking the first video, were y’all expecting any of the overwhelming positive responses to it?

Brian: I wasn’t.

Jamie: No, I mean I thought it would be cool if people around UO saw the video and thought “Hey this is kinda cool”, but I never expected national attention. Like I never expected Dan Patrick to talk about it.

Michael: It kind of created a movement. We didn’t expect to do that at all..

Brian: Like the shirts and all that…

Michael: It’s just like a rallying cry now. It’s like duck fan’s own.

Jamie: I’m pretty sure the phrase “I love my ducks” is gonna be around. Even though we made that, people might affiliate it to the video every time the say it, but I think people will keep saying. That phrase is kinda timeless now.

WULU: Ya I checked Google, and if just type “I love”, “I love my ducks” pops up as the third suggested response. That’s an accomplishment. If you can’t put that on a resume, I don’t know what you can put.

Brian: Yeah and you see people kind of make their own ILMD shirts. I saw someone the other day selling a shirt that said “I’m a duck” that was in the exact same font and colors as our shirts.

Jamie: Ya it the exact same look and everything as our shirts. It’s in Gateway Mall.*

*(Random side note/tangent – It would be in Gateway Mall. I hate that place with a passion that burns brighter than a thousand suns. The décor looks like it’s hasn’t changed since 1982, 1/3 of the stores are empty, and I’m pretty there’s a stand their that sells popcorn and miniature Nascar trinkets. If that shopping center doesn’t scream bootleg, than I don’t know what does.)

Michael: Oh and what was that shirt you saw at the game last time?

Brian: Oh, “We hate Lane Kiffin too.”

Michael: Ya and I remember seeing one that said “Wait till you see my “O””, but that one was just made by some girl.

WULU: Do those sort of things bother you or do you just shrug it off with an “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” mindset.

Brian: Iunno. It doesn’t bother me.

Jamie: I don’t know. Uh sometimes it bothers me. You know were making profit off this shirt and if people are buying other shirts..

Michael: Yeah but at the same time everybody makes spinoffs of everything.

Brian: I mean we ripped off stuff. Like the song itself samples J-Kwon’s “Tipsy”. So…

WULU: After the first video dropped and blew up, you guys kind of butted heads with the Athletic Department. Was their any tension this time around or were they more supportive?

Brian: Ya their more supportive. Like basically now they know what were doing. Like if were wanted to use (Puddles) we had to ask them beforehand. And like everything we’ve asked for they’ve said yes to because they know it’s like good press for em.

WULU: Do you guys have a specific release date in mind for this new video?

Brian: Ya well we can’t get too concrete about it but we want to release it before the Stanford game. So if everything goes according to plan it should be out before then.

WULU: Any special guest or anything hints you wanna share with the folk?

Michael: Ya there’s a couple special guests…

(All laugh)

Jamie: Should we say or…?

WULU: Hey if y’all are trying to keep it a secret…

Brian: Well no I don’t think it has to be a secret.

Jamie: Well yeah Joey Harrington called me today. He’ll be here tomorrow at 9am in our apartment.

WULU: Wait whaaaat? How’d did that even happen? Did he just hit you up or did he…?

Jamie: We hit up the UO Bookstore and the bookstore has connections with the Joey Harrington Foundation and he called me. He was like “Hey is this Jamie Slade?” And I was like “Yeah”. And he was like “This is Joey Harrington.”

(Everyone in the room starts cracking up.)

Jamie: And I was like “Heeeeeey Joey!”

Brain: Yeah he was struggling at first.

Jamie: I was like “Uh… Hey… What’s up… So uh… I got this idea…” I was starstruck at first, but then I actually cooled down and realized he’s an actual person too. And he was down. He was like “Hey ya so let’s do this.” And also he I talked to Kenny Wheaton at 6th Street Bar & Grill. He said he was down to get a couple shot in. But I texted him the other day and he didn’t reply. Ed Dickson is in it.

Michael: We’d like to get current players; we just don’t know the logistics of it. Like whether that’d be an infraction or whatever because with the shirts, products are being sold.

WULU: Yeah that makes sense. Aight last and most pressing question: favorite cereal?

Jamie: (Laughs) Cereal?

Michael: Cracklin’ Oat Bran.

Brian: I’m like plain Cheerios with raisins.

Jamie: I don’t eat breakfast

(Everyone laughs).

Jamie: But if I were to pick a cereal, I like Honey Bunches of Oats a lot. (Laughs). Iunno..

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