Dollars Make Sense.

So Last Night On 14th & Ferry..

Posted in smh. by Jason Mekkam on September 25, 2010

.. stupid won.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The corner turned into a block party. Like 400 deep. Cops showed up. Beer cans were thrown. Trash cans were knocked over. Street signs were ripped out the ground. Some girl climbed on top of a dude’s shoulders. The crowd then proceeded to chant “show us your titties”. No titties were shown. Swat showed up. They started with the tear gas. Then they started bean bagging fools. Fights broke out. At one point homies were pissin on a street corner. Dicks all out for the world to see. Shameless. I went to Max’s. The line to get in wasn’t bad. I saw a girl a eat shit cuz she couldn’t walk in her heels. Did I mention over 50 cops were out in riot gear?

Yes Eugene.

Show em’ how we do.

Unlawful assemblies for the win.

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