Dollars Make Sense.

Green And Yellow.

Posted in music. by Jason Mekkam on September 6, 2010

Poor Puddles is probably still beat.

In the Duck’s nail-biting 72-0 victory over some Pop Warner team from New Mexico last Saturday, the Oregon mascot was made to do 506 push-ups.

Some friendly feathered homie is about to be super swole by season’s end..

Perhaps inspired by Puddle’s plight or juiced by the team’s great start, Remy Rock decided to drop this little anthem to show his support for all things.. well, green and yellow.

The beat is from Wiz Khalifa’s own ode to the Pittsburg Steelers.

Check it:

Download link: Green And Yellow – Remy Rock

Yell “O” and green or go masturbate with sandpaper.

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