Dollars Make Sense.

Supa Dupa.

Posted in music. by Jason Mekkam on August 19, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m not particularly a huge fan of Big Sean – I mean dude has got my respect and all but at times I find his flow to be just a little too lazy for my taste.

When his mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 2 dropped bout a year ago, I gave it a quick listen before deciding I wasn’t really feeling it. But a couple weeks later at some random house party, I recall running into the homie Mars P and remember him trying to resell me on the tape:

“What you’re not feeling it?? Bro that shit is nice. Dude, at least go back and listen to Supa Dupa. It goooesss. I promise.”

So following his advice I gave it another shot. And the homie Mars P was right: upon second consideration, it indeed went.

Hands down Supa Dupa was the highlight/saved the entire tape in my view, so I’m glad Big Sean decided to give the song second light with this visual.

Too I gotta give Big Sean credit for his stop-n-go flow that’s so nice your favorite MC had to swagga jack it twice (*cough* *cough**Drizzy**cough*cough*).

Supa Dupa by Big Sean

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