Dollars Make Sense.

Welcome To The Show.

Posted in visuals. by Jason Mekkam on August 2, 2010

These pics are brought to you courtesy of two things: free tickets and DVRs.

Nappy Roots performed at the WOW Hall last night. Still your boy was very much in danger of missing the event cuz:

1) I didn’t even know Nappy Roots still existed. Last song time I’d ever heard of em was when “Awnaw” dropped, and that was waaaaaaaaay back in the day. Under normal circumstances, no way would I shell out my hard earned milk moneys to see dudes performed one song I bumped from my second generation iPod in between periods my freshman year of high school. The sentimental attachment simply ain’t strong enough. But to go for free.99? Eh, why not.

Obstacle one down. But then there was also..

2) My shows (The Boondocks and Entourage) were on that night. Again, under normal circumstances, neither earth, wind, nor fire would prevent me from catching up with Huey, Riley, Turtle and Ari (Notice I didn’t mention Vince. No error of omission here. I think he’s a wack character. Accordingly, I could less about the bloke). But with DVR’s (and nation faithfully posting episodes on Nah Right each week) I can breathe easy, and catch up whenever I so please.

So showtime for me!

In case you were wondering, the performance wasn’t all that bad. Except for the Nappy Roots calling onto the stage some of the most desperate groupies I’d ever seen. And an intermission tribute to Nirvana.

Those two things very much had me scratchin my head..

Get it gurl.


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