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Twitter Is Trying To Ruin Rap Music For Me.

Posted in truth. by Jason Mekkam on July 31, 2010

Kanye West joined Twitter this week.

Duh right?

I followed the Louis Vuitton Don for a total of six minutes before I decided to pull kill switch and unfollow him.


Because I love Kanye West’s music so much so that I refuse to let Kanye West fuck it up for me.

Like the homie Noah Callahan-Bever say..

In his dope ass guest spot for nation’s blog a while back, NCB, editor-in-chief of Complex Magazine, included the following on his list of the most important things he’s learned on his way to fame and bitches riches:

If you agree to interview a rapper, you’re also agreeing to accept the possibility that, due to the circumstances of said interview and the ensuing reaction it evokes, you may never want to listen that rapper’s music again. I’ve never covered Q-Tip. He may be a nice guy and it could go great, but I have certain sentimental attachments to the music of ATCQ that I’m not willing to forsake.

NCB basically admits that ignorance is bliss. Some questions are really just best left unasked. Because there’s no going back. Like asking your girl how many guys she’s hooked up with. I don’t care how much you love her. Once she tells you she’s given Pinky & The Brains to 37 fellas like o’ girl did in Clerks, it’s a wrap. Game over. How can you even kiss her in the mouf after that?


So to avoid hearing your favorite rapper say something so outrageous/ignant/mind-numblingly outlandish that it dramatically alters the way you feel about their music for the worse, Q&A’s are avoided. I get it. I get it. But then along came Twitter. With this new medium, Q’s have become obsolete. Rappers now are given a direct line to spew their A’s instantly, unsolicited and in 140 characters no less.

This is bad news.

Contrary to popular belief, not every single thought is worth sharing – even if you are super duper famous. In real life interactions, do we not filter ourselves/choose words carefully in the pursuit of effective communcation? This concept is simply lost on Twitter. As a result were left with offensive messages such as:

Seeing the way the wind was blowing, I decided to opt out and play it safe. Call it getting older maybe, but risking never being able to listen to The College Dropout again just so I can keep up to date on the size of jet Mr. West will be transported in today seems foolish.

Thus unfollow I do. I’m out.

But y’all can keep the Persians rug with complementary Cherub imagery if y’all want.

Tweet at your own risk..

Update: Yo I’m just kidding. Y’all know I love following rappers on Twitter.


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