Dollars Make Sense.

Gin. Juice. And Ice Cubes.

Posted in reviews., visuals. by Jason Mekkam on July 23, 2010

Ice Cube & Snoop Dogg performed at the Cuthbert Amphitheater last weekend. The following occurred:

This dude was a member of the group that opened. I don’t recall their name. Along with their music, both were forgettable. Um.. but his tattoos were pretty nifty tho. And a bit OD. Wiz Khalifa’s cousin perhaps?

The forgettable opening act pictured above decided to end their set by inviting a couple classy ladies from the audience on stage to gyrate what their mothers had inherited to them. You should have seen the way these girls ran to the stage: Ecstatic. Proud. Beaming. Like they was the next contestant on the Price Is Right or something. Oh yall fancy huh?

After waitin and waitin and waitin, out came Ice Cube.

His set was sicker than malaria. I liked.

Then it was Snoop’s turn. His drummer had a lower rider bike wielded into his drum kit. Oh you fancy huh?

Apparently Snoop has members of the Nation run security at his shows. Two sets of dudes took turns standing motionless at each side of the stage, surveying the crowd. The precession at which they operated was intense. Craziest thing I’d ever seen.

Snoooooop Dogggggggggggy Doooooooooogg!

The crowd digs it.

Just in case you were wondering:

Ice Cube In Concert > Snoop Dogg In Concert.

So now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Shout out the the Register Guard’s Ticket Files for hookin a brotha up with tix to cover the event. To read the full review I did for em’, click here.


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