Dollars Make Sense.


Posted in smh. by Jason Mekkam on July 18, 2010

Eugene is a bubble.

Walking from point A to point B without crossing paths with at least on familar face is a feat within itself.

On my way to Safeway to pick up some double AA batteries, face wash, and a slice of chocolate cake, I saw a dude in the distance walking towards my direction. My vision is piss poor, so I was unable make his face until we got closer. It’s then I realize he was in a political science class I took winter term. He must have made the same realization I had because it’s a this point that he looks up, half smiles and offers me the chin-out-head-jerk – dude body language/code for “what up?”

With every intention to reciprocate the gesture, I begin initiating the motion when I caught myself a quater way in upon realizing he was wearing a pair of these:

Fucking man capri jean shorts.

With this observation, I ceased and desisted in all attempts to offer him any sort of greeting, pulled out the iPhone and pretended to text, and then walked right past him like I didn’t even see him.

My actions – cold blooded? A diss? Perhaps.

But on the real tho..

How am I supposed to show dude any respect when he can’t even respect himself..


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