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Posted in music. by Jason Mekkam on July 15, 2010

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the best show ever. Well.. at least in my humble opinion of course. See I tend to judge the quality of a sitcom by it’s re-laugh ability. If an any given episode is still funny after the 6th viewing, shit’s a wrap. Automatically add it to the classics. Thus by this simple criteria, The Fresh Prince is up there, cuz no matter how many times I hear Will toss a mad corny line at some stupid, dope, fly lookin honey, I remain crackin up.

Anyways, just in time for summer Jazz/DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Fresh Prince’s main partner in crime on and off the screen (well at least in 1992), has dropped the perfect mixtape for your next block party. I’m a little late in posting this – the tape actually came out a couple weeks back. But it’s whatever. I’ve been bumpin it off and on since then. And I don’t want to be the fat kid hoggin the cookie jar so I thought I’d share. In case you missed it, this is me looking out.

This tape really is a lifesaver. When my old comp crashed, it took with it my fave summer playlist. I was lost. But now I’m found! Ahmad, Mos Def, Quincy Jones, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde and Jay-Z all on the same tape?? Fire McDire!

Random fact: Did you know every time you watched Uncle Phil throw Jazz outta the house for tryin to run game on Hilary, you were watching the same footage? Apparently the producers only shot Jazz being thrown outta the mansion once and then every time they wanted to reuse the gag, they would just replay it. It’s true. Wikipedia told me. Super cheap I think.

Yo download link and tracklist after the jump..

Download: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie – Summertime (The Mixtape)


1. Summertime Intro
2. Kool & The Gang: Summer Madness (Live Version)
3. Kool & The Gang: Summer Madness
4. Quincy Jones: Summer In The City
5. Ahmad: Back In The Day
6. Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day
7. Roy Ayers f/ Mary J Blige: Everybody Loves The Sunshine
8. Pharcyde: Passin’ Me By (Ffej Remix)
9. Jay-Z f/ Babyface: Sunshine
10. Ramsey Lewis: Sun Goddess
11. A Tribe Called Quest: Find A Way (Ffej String Edit)
12: Bush Babies f/ Mos Def: The Love Song
13. Jodeci: Get On Up
14. The Commodores: High On Sunshine
15. J Dilla f/ Dwele : Think Twice
16. Erick Sermon f/ Marvin Gaye: Music (Mick’s Marvapella Edit)
17. Bernard Wright: Who Do You Love
18. LL Cool J: Loungin’
19. A Tribe Called Quest: Hot Sex
20. Main Source: Live At The BBQ
21. Nuyorican Soul: Nautilus
22. Pharcyde & Sublime: Summertime
23. Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff: Summertime Remix
24. Michael Jackson: I Can’t Help It
25. De La Soul: Breakdawn
26. Musiq: Just Friends
27. Carl Thomas: Summer Rain
28. Faze-O: Riding High
29. Dionne Warwick: Walk On By
30. Skee-Lo: I Wish
31. Black Moon: Who Got The Props
32. Frankie Beverly and Maze: Before I Let Go
33. Nu Shooz: I Can’t Wait
34. Montell Jordan: This Is How We Do It
35: The Roots f/ George Benson: Breezin’
36: Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff: Time To Chill
37. Biggie: Can’t You See
38. James Brown: The Payback
39. En Vogue: My Lovin’
40. Bobby McFerrin: Sunshine Of My Life
41. Fifth Dimension: Let The Sun Shine In
42. Mos Def: Sunshine
43. Nine: Whatcha Want
44. Otis Redding: Sittin’ On The Dock
45. 2Pac: I Get Around (Mick’s String Edit)
46. Zapp: Computer Love (Terry’s Mirage On The Water Mix)
47. Seals And Croft: Summer Breeze
48. Jay-Z: Dear Summer
49. Weldon Irvine: Morning Sunrise

See I told you. Tyrone Biggums dopeness huh?

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  1. dopenemesis said, on July 25, 2010 at 10:11 am

    this mixtape is greatness.

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