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Sir Remeus Of Rocks.

Posted in introducing.., music. by Jason Mekkam on June 2, 2010

This is Remy Rock. He spits.

Full disclosure: kid is my baby brother. But don’t get it twisted. Just cause he’s my kin doesn’t mean he gets my automatic co-sign. To the contrary. I’ll be damned before I become one of those spineless relatives who tells their tone-deaf cousin he’s the next Usher, only to have him go on American Idol and be put on mega blast by Simon & Co.

Never that.

If he was wack, best believe I’d be the first person to tell him. Right to his face. Real obnoxious like followed by consoling words such as “Yo don’t be mad, UPS is hiring.” Brotherly love at its finest.

But real recognizes real. The kid has put in work and it shows. His lyrical prowess, ear for production, and the ease at which he switches back and forth between flows is way impressive.

Props I give. I expect big things indeed Mr. Rock. Or else.. Cuz Remy if this music thing fails and you end up broke, I swear to God you are not sleeping on my couch.

Haha, just playin.


On that real sentimental tho, I just wanna let it be known that I’m very proud of the young man.

Happy born day bro bro.

Check out a lil sample of Remy’s work after the jump..

You’re A Jerk (Remix) – Remy Rock

Beautiful – Remy Rock featuring Demay

Brandon Roy – Remy Rock

Come Over – Bow featuring Remy Rock & Pleasure P

Photography comes courtesy of Ms. Bogh.


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  1. clement said, on June 4, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    good stuff. always like to support hard work and hustle. this is good stuff man; hope the cards fall right for him.

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